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Active plant-based therapy

Using active plant-based therapy is a natural, more effective way to treat those tired, achy muscles from workout activities. The botanical properties in our topicals combined with a proprietary ratio of CBD, THC and CBD enhances the overall result, providing a highly effective pain relief and anti-inflammatory system for recovery.

At CERIOUS, we are passionate about creating clean, plant-based cannabis topicals that leverage leading formulations and innovative new technologies. By using active plant-based therapy, we are able to harness the power of plants and their healing properties to create an all natural product that actually works.

99% of the ingredients in our innovative new collection of performance inspired topicals are derived from plants, making them the perfect partner for pre and post workout activities.

99% of the ingredients in our products are plant and mineral derived. Doing this is important to us because using active plant based ingredients provides a much more natural product.

There are a variety of active botanicals in our products. We use botanicals over chemicals as they’re a natural alternative to getting the healing properties into our products for your benefit.

Our topicals are proudly designed, filled and packaged in the USA. We love this because we don’t need to rely on sourcing from elsewhere and dealing with fiascos like a transport ship stuck in the Suez Canal.

Our Skin Soothing Balm uses natural and invisible time release CBD technology. This is a benefit as it helps to provide a soothing, cooling and sustained natural, anti-inflammatory effect. 

Our network of premium California cultivators provide only the best and richest cannabis for our products. This commitment to quality helps us to provide a consistent and high quality product all year round.

Cerious products are all 100% vegan. We do this because we are passionate about the environment, we love animals and we know that you do too.

We pride ourselves in our award winning team of experienced extractors. Our team is a curated mix of innovators and entrepreneurs with the shared goal to provide our customers with high quality products each and every time.

There are absolutely no chemicals or pesticides used in the cultivation of our products. This is a huge benefit as it leaves us with natural, high quality product for your enjoyment.