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Our Story - Cerious’s roots are naturally grounded in compassion and partnership

It all started when fathers Mike Reynolds and Jason David teamed together. Jason began his journey a few years earlier in 2011 and founded Jayden’s Juice. It wasn’t until partnering with Mike did they open the retail outlet in Modesto. Having safe access was the biggest hurdle and in 2016 they opened Jayden’s Journey. They wanted to create a safe environment for families like them to be able to have access to the alternative medicine. It was something to help others like their sons Kase and Jayden live life to the richest, despite severe epilepsy or any other aliment.

They knew there had to be a better, more natural way to manage pain.

In their search, they discovered that CBD is a natural and effective way to soothe their sons’ symptoms, they both have continued to utilize Jayden's Juice to help them get the most out of life.

Mike and Jason then partnered with John Di Girolamo and Eric Shevin, and founded Starling Brands, and its subsidiary Kase Manufacturing, to house a family of cannabis-based brands so they could open up the life-changing power of CBD and other cannabinoids to everyone.

The first brand produced in Kase Manufacturing facility was Jayden’s Juice. Kase Manufacturing focuses on the medicinal applications of CBD and other cannabinoids while manufacturing quality products in California.

Knowing the possible benefits of CBD and how it could help many more people than they were currently reaching, the Starling Brands team wanted to take the physical and mental benefits even further and make cannabis-based products to help everyday people with everyday problems.

They found a home for a new, accessible CBD brand in Ceres, California: Cerious. Partnering with Victor Casale the Founding Partner and Chief Chemist in MAC Cosmetics, Cerious is bringing high quality CBD combined with incredible botanicals to create Active Plant Based Therapy, a complete solution.